Andrew L. Carlin, ReMax Agent

Andrew is a real estate agent living and working in Grayslake, IL. He is a fantastic guy with a heart of gold (I'm a little biased, since I married him), and he hit the jackpot when he married a graphic designer! Designing a logo/brand for Andrew was my first real crack at developing a professional brand. Due to a lot of strict guidelines within ReMax, we knew we needed to stick to a red, white, and blue color scheme, which I was conflicted about at first. But once we settled on creating a badge as his principle logo, the rest sort of fell into place! I hope you like the final product as much as we do.


Sell Sheet

Many “For Sale” signs have a small box attached to them, which allows for the realtor to place a sell sheet inside with pictures of the interior of the house. Andrew wanted a sell sheet that stood out from the plain, boring documents you normally find in those boxes. He wanted something bold, bright, and easily recognizable. These sell sheets have certainly done the trick!



Andrew needed a piece to take with him on appointments with potential clients, so he asked what I thought might be a good “leave-behind”. We considered an ordinary trifold brochure, but determined we wanted something that made a bigger impression. A gate fold brochure is a great option; it’s still easily portable, and it stands out amongst ordinary, one-page flyers.


Business Cards

Andrew's business cards are an essential part of his career as a realtor. He meets potential clients everywhere he goes- from his favorite coffee shop to the gas station- and his card makes a huge impression. Andrew's cards- which are bright blue- are easy-to-recognize, easy-to-read, and cohesive with the look of his entire brand.